The ECOSEP/ Bauerfeind Traveling Fellowship Program 2016

The ECOSEP/ Bauerfeind Traveling Fellowship Program 2016 

From many highly qualified applicants from different countries throughout Europe, ECOSEP: The European College of Sports and Exercise Physicians and their hosts from the leading European Sports Medicine Centers will select the Travelling Fellow on the basis of excellence in their personal and professional capabilities.

The Travelling Fellow will represent her or his own country and showing leadership skills, will act as ECOSEP’s ambassador on tour and be committed to the continuing development of Sports and Exercise Medicine in Europe in the future.

Results of the Selection of Traveling Fellowship Participants

The participants will be selected for their potential of a SEM career and their outstanding professional capabilities. We hope that they shine on the tour, making both friendships and important professional connections in the different centers and setting a high standard for future travelling fellows as part of ECOSEP/Bauerfeind.

Fellow Requirements

The candidate is a Medical Doctor and ECOSEP member in good standing.

A full ECOSEP member has the priority followed by the ECOSEP Associated members. The applicant should be up to 40 years old.

The applicant should be involved in medical care of high level competitive sports with a track record of personal experience.

The applicant will ideally have done SEM specific research with publications (in press acceptable) and/or oral presentations in scientific meetings.

The applicant should be within the last two years of specialist training for SEM. Candidates undergoing specialization training for disciplines different from SEM (e.g. orthopedic surgery or internal medicine) must show that their respective training centers have a key focus on SEM.

A CV is required, an application letter from the candidate, and two recommendation letters from their trainers. Also the Applicant candidate must include his/her proposal for a scientific research topic during the Travelling fellowship. This means, looking at a sport related problem, ideally relevant in all visited host centers. This must include an outline of the proposed study with reference to the literature. The Research project will be presented at the Annual Scientific SEM QMUL Meeting and published including the leaders of the SEM centers of the Travelling Fellowship.

The committee will select the candidate for the ECOSEP travelling fellowship who best fulfils the demands as listed above. The committee points out that there might be occasions when an apparently better qualified candidate is turned down as in their judgment the chosen fellow has more to gain from this unique experience.

The selected candidate will present an account of their travel to the QMUL 2016  SEM congress after their Travelling Fellowship, and will submit a written report to the selection board within 3 weeks of having completed the Fellowship.


Please submit all applications to by 25th March, 2016.



All the Accommodation and Travel expenses will be covered by the Travelling Fellow 

   Fees: To ECOSEP: 500 Euro will be paid by the Travelling Fellow 

  Bauerfeind: Will offer a 2000 euro grand in order to support the Travelling Fellow 

  Expenses (Fees, Accommodation, and Travel).The rest will be covered by the

  Travelling Fellow.

Travelling Fellowship ECOSEP Committee

·         Members: Prof.John King (UK), Prof. Heinz Lohrer (GER),Prof Nicola Maffulli  Dr.Xavier Valle (SPAIN), Dr.Nikos Malliaropoulos (GR), Dr.Stefano Della Villa (ITA), Dr.Nat Padhiar(UK).

Sports Medicine Centers

·         Institute for Sports Medicine (SMI) Frankfurt am Main

·      High Performance Center (CAR of Sant Cugat-Consorci Sanitari of Terrassa) University of Barcelona

·         Isokinetic Medical Group –Bologna.

·         National Track & Field Centre, Sports Medicine Clinic S.E.G.A.S., Thessaloniki, Greece.

·         London Sports Care – London Independent Hospital.



·         Submission date: by 25th March, 2016.

·         Announcement of selected candidate: 31 st March 2016.

*             The Traveling Fellowship will finish at the 17th Annual Scientific Meeting in SEM QMUL 2016.

*                      Barcelona                                                                                      13 – 18  June  2016

*                      Frankfurt                                                                                        20 – 25  June 2016

*                      Thessaloniki                                                                                  27 June   - 2 July 2016

*                      Bologna                                                                                           4  – 9  July 2016

*                      London                                                                                          5-9 September 2016

*                      17th Annual Scientific Meeting In SEM QMUL                             9th September, 2016


Certificate: The Travelling Fellow will receive a Certificate and a certification letter from ECOSEP for completion of his Travelling Fellowship
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