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By-Laws of the

Turkish Society of Orthopedics and Traumatology (TOTBİD)



Section 1. The name of this organization shall be the Turkish Society of Orthopedics and Traumatology (hereinafter referred to as “TOTBİD”). The headquarters of the Society shall be located in Ankara.


Section 2. The purpose of this organization shall be:

"To represent physicians and other members of the field of orthopedics and traumatology; to contribute to better education and upbringing; to encourage and contribute to scientific research; to encourage participation in domestic and international courses, seminars and similar scientific studies; to provide support to enable them to continue their activities in unexpected extraordinary conditions; to work on the reduction, treatment and rehabilitation of physical disabilities, and to establish hospitals, centers or facilities in all these matters; to cooperate with associations, boards, institutions and organizations working on the same subject;

By protecting the rights and interests of its members; to improve professional, scientific and social relations among its members", and the range of services are shown below;

  1. To work on defining the standards and minimum requirements of orthopedics and traumatology education; to provide support for educational institutions to achieve these standards; to promote and coordinate cooperation among institutions for this purpose; to attempt necessary initiatives for the standardization of residency training and post-specialization training; to ensure that studies in the field of orthopedics, traumatology and rehabilitation are in the direction of scientific facts in our country and to prevent the inadequate and uninformed individuals from working on these issues and to inform the public in these matters
  2. To work in a programmed manner to diminish the diseases, accidents and injuries that result in disability and to prevent them, to take precautions to preclude them
  3. By organizing the Turkish National Congress of Orthopedics and Traumatology once a year, in our country, to bring together studies and opinions about orthopedics and traumatology with the communiqué, symposium and panel meetings, to draw attention to all those concerned with these fields
  4. To grant reciprocal or non-reciprocal educational scholarship to the needy students who are children of TOTBİD members who are deceased or unable to work for other reasons, from the source to be created by the board of directors from among the incomes
  5. To protect and represent professional integrity
  6. To collaborate with similar purpose associations, professional organizations, non-governmental organizations, to participate in platforms, to establish foundations, to set up federation
  7. To labor in the standardization of medical practices of orthopedics and traumatology in the determination and payment of the medical procedure codes included in the "Minimum Wage Tariff and Health Implementation Communiqué of Turkish Medical Association"
  8. The association shall not deal with politics.
  9. To engage in cultural and social activities in order to strengthen relations amongst members
  10. To protect the occupational, personal and economic rights of physicians and other personnel working in the field of orthopedics and traumatology, to perform and evolve the medicine for benefit to the public and the individual and to provide them with all kinds of support for themselves and their families in the problems they may face due to their professional activities,
  11. To carry through representation in relation to international associations in the field of general orthopedics and traumatology, to take part in international federations in this area and to designate persons to represent our association in such organizations.


Section 3. In order to achieve the aims and services of the Association;

  1. The association able to purchase, sell and lease the domicile, movable and immovable properties necessary for purposes and service issues. TOTBİD can use all kinds of rights on movable and immovable properties, can manage them and make up all kinds of construction.
  2. The association may organize all kinds of meetings, congresses, seminars, symposiums, conferences and activities concerning orthopedics, traumatology and rehabilitation related to the subjects and purposes of service.
  3. The association may conduct periodical and non-periodical publications through disquisition, research and development studies thanks to its members or specialists. In addition, TOTBİD can help and support those involved in research, study and rehabilitation-related services. In addition, TOTBİD can help and support those are involved in research, study and rehabilitation-related services.
  4. In Orthopedics and traumatology issues, the association can establish and manage medical institutes (such as hospitals, policlinics, orthotic and prosthetic atelier and other health facilities), educational organizations and rehabilitation institutions of the disabled individuals. TOTBİD can even educate technical and specialized personnel for this purpose.
  5. As to the subject and purpose, the association may collaborate with boards, institutions and organizations.
  6. The association may establish economic, commercial and industrial enterprises, partnerships and charity fund in order to provide the revenues.
  7. The association may collect, receive and give assistance and donations and may accept conditional and unconditional wills within the framework of the Charity Collection Act and related legislative provisions.
  8. The association may set up branches, obtain international activity by taking permits if required by legislation, be a member of the federations and organizations that are fit for the purpose, may cooperate with international associations and federations.
  9. The association may use all the rights such as establishing an association building which the legislation permits to carry out the purposes and services and may carry out other necessary activities and actions.


Section 4. Types of memberships;

  1. Principal Member: Orthopedics traumatology specialists with the capacity to act, who have adopted the subject and purpose of the association and who want to make financial and moral aid to their work, are accepted by the proposal of the two principal members and the decision of the Board of Directors. Membership application is made in writing.

Until the title of professional is won, with the approval of the board of directors, if they apply in writing, Residents in orthopedics and traumatology training can apply to all activities of the organization and are exempt from the membership fee; but they shall not participate in the department of the association except the councils that allow by the instruction; they cannot vote or be elected.

  1. Honorary Member: Native or foreign people who are interested in and sponsor the Association; who provide major service by publishing and research in the field of Orthopedics and Traumatology, Rehabilitation or who support financially; who work in the fields of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal diseases despite not being an orthopedist and traumatologist; seniors in Orthopedics and Traumatology who are not Turkish citizen are accepted as Honorary Members by the resolution of the Board of Directors. The principal members who have reached the age of 65 are transferred to Honorary Membership if they wish. Dues are not paid by these Honorary Members and can participate in the national congress without paying the registration fee. Honorary members cannot vote in the general assembly of the association, they cannot take office in the department of the Association.

Termination and Withdrawal of Membership;

  1. Each member may withdraw from the association with written petition.
  2. Membership of those who do not conform to the activities of the TOTBİD or who put the association under obligation without authorization from the TOTBİD or who lose the power of appeal shall be terminated by the Board of Directors decision.
  3. Without a justifiable reason, the membership of person who not pays the annual dues at two consecutive years shall be terminated by a resolution of the Board of Directors at end of the period given by written notice.


The General Assembly

Sector 5. The general assembly consists of the principal members. Association meeting is held during the Congress of National Turkish Society of Orthopaedic and Traumatology that helds by TOTBİD in October once in two years. If there is no national congress for that period, then the meeting should organize that year in October at Center of TOTBİD in Ankara. If needed, in Ankara, an extraordinary meeting is possible when one fifth of TOTBİD members apply in written form or the consensus of General assembly members or board of Directors is built. The general assembly is invited to the meeting by board directors. Directors also organize lists of members. Members who have the right to participate in general assembly will be invited by e-mail or by publishing on official society webpage or by an invitation letter before 15 days with date, time and place description. After that invitation, if no meeting is held due to lack of majority, day and time of second meeting should be specified again. The time between the first meeting and the latter cannot be less than seven days and cannot be more than sixty days after first meeting. If meeting is left behind for any reason other than that the majority is not provided, another meeting time and date should announce according to regulations. This announcement should include reason, why the prior meeting left behind. It is mandatory that the second meeting be held within six months at the latest from the date of withdrawal. All members should be recalled in accordance with the principles laid down in the first paragraph to the second meeting. The general assembly meeting cannot be left behind more than once.

Sector 6. General assembly, meets when majority numbers who are entitled to participate by regulation, for regulation change and in the case of termination of the association with the participation of two thirds.

The majority in the second meeting is not sought. The number of members attending the second meeting shall not be less than two times the total number of members of the board of Directors and of the auditing board.

Sector 7. General meeting will be opened by the chairman of the board of directors or by a member of the board of directors who will assign him. For the management of the general assembly, the assembly council that is composed of a president, a deputy chairman and two clerk will elected among members. Only the items in the agenda are discussed at general assembly meeting. It is imperative that the subjects requested to be discussed are taken into consideration by the members present at the meeting. The subjects requested by at least one-tenth of the members are discussed. At the end of the meeting all minutes and documents will be given to the board of Directors.

Sector 8. Decisions in the General Assembly shall be accepted by more than half of the members present. The amendment proposals of the main regulation shall be admitted with 2/3 of majority. Each member has one vote in the General Assembly. The member must use the vote personally.

The tasks of the General Assembly are;

  1. Election of association departments by secret ballot.
  2. Change of association regulations
  3. Discussion of reports of board of directors and auditing, discharge of the board of directors.
  4. Discussion of the budget prepared by the board of directors, acceptance or change of budget proposal.
  5. Authorize the board of directors about purchase of immovable property, sale of existing immovable property.
  6. Dissolution of the society.
  7. Taking decision on the participation and separation from federation for society.
  8. Opening and closing of representative offices and branches in accordance with the determined procedures and regulations.
  • Fulfill others tasks which is specified in legislation and in by-laws of the association.

Board of Directors

Sector 9. Board of directors consists of nine principal, nine substitute members ed within two years by the general assembly. The member cannot be elected more than three times in succession as a board member. The person, who served as a president of the association in the previous period, attends to board studies in the next period but has no voting rights in this position. Rıdvan Ege, MD, Prof is the founding and honorary president of TOTBİD. Also Mr. Ege is the honorary member of board of directors.

Sector 10. Board of directors s one President, one Deputy President, one General Secretary and one accounting member between nine members who chosen for two years. One who presided over a term cannot be a president again. President represents the legal entity.

Sector 11. TOTBİD Board of directors meets by the invitation of president or when president is not present, meets under the deputy presidents' headed. A member who does not come to board of directors without giving an excuse three times over, will accept as resigned except the honorary president. Instead of them, other members will call as replacement with the vote order. If the presidential duty is vacated for any reason, then deputy president take the position till the next general meeting.

Sector 12. The tasks of The Board of Directors are;

  1. Apply the decisions given in the General Assembly.
  2. Work on written matters in ''article two'' to reach the purpose of the society and to make initiatives. If necessary, assign principal members for the same tasks as individuals or group.
  3. Prepare annual work schedule and budget plan. And apply them.
  4. Prepare proposals to be presented to general assembly.
  5. Keep the data as specified in the law and regulation. All these data, books must be notarized by the notary or Directorate of Associations.
  6. Accept and approve costs. And review the reports of the auditing board which submitted on the general process and budget status.
  7. Arrangement of Supporting the studies and researches financially. Elect the participants and researchers who will join national and international congress and meetings, and social services to be made. Providing financial support when necessary. Determine national associations to serve in international relations. (Duty period duration of representatives of national associations is limited as duration of TOTBİD's directors duty period. Max. two terms can be on duty.)
  8. Establishing relations with official and private organizations and individuals in order to reach purpose of the foundation.
  9. Making compulsory changes between the chapters of the budget. If it comes to overpaid, adds it to the required chapters.
  10. Increasing the number of therapeutic, educational establishments and businesses that would fit in accordance with the purpose of the foundation. Making protocols, administering, appointing the staff and dismissing.
  11. Preparation of cooperation principles with other organizations and internal regulation of the sub-institutions.
  12. Evaluating applications for membership to association within 30 days. Deciding to remove from membership.
  13. Suggesting the opening of branches and representatives to the general board.
  14. To buy immovable property with the authorization granted by the general assembly, to build buildings and facilities, in favor of association to mortgage and establishing rights.
  15. Maintaining other services required by the legislation and association charter.
  16. Depending on the request made by public institutions and private organizations, all kind of material use in surgery, if necessary creating commissions or expertise to provide consultancy services for professional applications.
  17. Implementing decisions that the honor board has received.
  18. Board of director of TOTBİD s the location, date, topics and congress president of National Turkish Orthopedics and Traumatology Congress to be held every year throughout the country. The congress organizing committee consists of six people together with the congress general coordinator.

Auditing Board

Sector 13. It consists of three principal and three substitute members elected by the General Assembly. The Auditing Board inspects the activities of the Association once a year and gives the report to the TOTBİD Board of Directors. At the end of the two-year operating period, a report on the audit results is presented to the General Assembly.


Ethics Committee

Sector 14/A. The Ethics Committee consists of 5 principal and 5 substitute members ed by the General Assembly for a period of two years among the members who have completed fifteen years in the Orthopedic and Traumatology profession. The Ethics Committee shall conduct investigations with the decision of the Board of Directors of the TOTBİD about the members of the association who are alleged to be incompatible with the publishing principles in scientific researches and who are accused of having unethical actions. Besides that, the committee shall conduct investigations about the members who are alleged to act incompatible behaviors that are in conformity with tradition and aims of TOTBİD considering general medical profession and community morality. The Ethics Committee submits to the TOTBİD Board of Directors the proposals about the members whose actions are constant, for decisions that are made in line with the "Disciplinary Crimes and Punishments" articles in the second part of the Ethics Committee Directive. Deciding on proposals; the authority to announce and implement the decision is owned by the TOTBİD Board of Directors. The Ethics Committee works in accordance with the guidelines established by the TOTBİD Board of Directors.

Honor Committee

Sector 14/B. It consists of 5 principal and 5 substitute members ed by the General Assembly at the same time as the board of directors, among the members who have completed twenty years of orthopedics and traumatology expertise. When objected to the decision of the TOTBİD Board of Directors which resulted by consulting the Ethics Committee, the file is transmitted to honor board. Against the decisions of the Honor Committee, the appeal to the general assembly and afterwards the judicial way is open. The Honor Committee works in accordance with the guidelines established by the TOTBİD Board of Directors.

The honor committee makes its decisions by examining the applications in accordance with the association’s law, TOTBİD regulations, ethics committee directive and Turkish Medical Association (TMA)’s principles. At least 3 members must vote for the decision. These decisions are implemented by the TOTBİD board of directors.


Turkish Orthopedy and Traumatology Education Council (TOTEK):

Sector 15/A. In order to improve the standards of education Orthopedics and Traumatology in Turkey, Education Council is created to operate in the following three main areas.

  1. To work to determine the standards of specialization training; to do researches describing the minimum standards of the necessary infrastructure conditions for the ideal training of Orthopedics and Traumatology in Turkey; to share the obtained information with educational institutions and to support the institutions' work in this subject; to be a guide to the shortcomings.
  2. To organize courses and exams to promote post-specialist training and supervise the scientific level; to certify the specialists with specific characteristics who have achieved this exam (Certification).
  3. To carry out studies to define the preconditions for academic upgrades in the field of Orthopedics and Traumatology.

The way the council is formed, the working principles are determined by a special directive. This prepared directive is presented to the General Assembly for approval after being discussed by the TOTBİD board of directors. The Education Council works in cooperation with the Association's Board of Directors. TOTEC's financial needs related to training activities and work are also supported by TOTBİD.

Turkish Orthopedics and Traumatology Research Council (TOAK):

Section 15/B. The council has been established to encourage physicians working in the field of Orthopedics and Traumatology in Turkey to do scientific research and to contribute in this regard; also to support them to participate in courses, seminars and similar scientific work both at domestic and foreign.

The way the council is formed, the working principles are determined by a special directive. This prepared directive is presented to the General Assembly for approval after being discussed by the TOTBİD board of directors. The Education Council works in cooperation with the Association's Board of Directors. TORC's financial needs related to training activities and work are also supported by TOTBİD.

TOTBİD Residents and Young Seniors Council (TOTBİD-AGUH):

Section 15/C. TOTBİD-AGUH (Residents and Young Seniors) has been established as a structuring in which they can identify and discuss problems of residents and young seniors in Orthopedics and Traumatology, offer solutions to the TOTBİD Board of Directors and work in cooperation with similar national and international organizations.

The way the council is formed, the working principles are determined by a special directive. This prepared directive is presented to the General Assembly for approval after being discussed by the TOTBİD board of directors. The Education Council works in cooperation with the Association's Board of Directors. TOTBİD -AGUH's financial needs related to training activities and work are also supported by TOTBİD.


Section 16. At least 3 persons authorized by the TOTBİD Board of Directors shall make a written application to the largest owner of the place where the new department is to be opened. In opening the department, the provisions of the Associations Law shall apply.

  1. Department to be opened will operate according to this regulation and center. TOTBİD has control over these branches at any time and in any way. Control is conducted by the Chairperson of the TOTBİD Board of Directors or, in its absence, by members appointed by him or the Board of Directors. Branches are organized on province and district basis. However, the Board of Directors may wish some provincial or district branches to work more intensively in various branches of Orthopedics and Traumatology and may appoint and encourage them to concentrate in these areas.
  2. TOTBİD may be sent a representative as an observer and consultant to the general assembly of the branches. The decisions of the General Assemblies of Branches shall be notified to the TOTBİD Board of Directors in writing by the Presidency Council or by the existing Board of Directors of Department immediately or within 15 days.
  3. The branches shall be governed by their own resources and according to the provisions of this regulation. However, working on the realization of statutory rights can be supported from all directions if it is also approved by the TOTBİD Board of Directors.
  4. General Assemblies of Branches are called to the meeting once every 2 years according to this regulation. The branches are obliged to organize their ordinary general assemblies at least 2 months before the TOTBİD General Assembly. Decisions of the General Assembly are announced to TOTBİD and the members of the department in writing.
  5. The Board of Directors of Branches which have members of 100 and more shall consist of 7 principal and 7 substitute members while others which have members of less than 100 shall consist of 5 principal and 5 substitute members. After the ed principal members, the most votes have been ed as substitute members. The principal members elect a president, a secretary, and make a division of duty. Decisions are made with a majority. The General Assembly also elects three principal and three substitute auditors. The presidency is limited to a maximum of two terms.
  6. Branches are only authorized and responsible for the work in their area of interest. They cannot represent the entity of TOTBİD and cannot be found in such behavior and savings.
  7. The TOTBİD General Assembly may control branches with one or more members who will be appointed, in case of need. The TOTBİD General Assembly may temporarily or permanently dismiss the Board of Directors of the Branches, may decide to terminate the department, or may elect a temporary board instead of the existing Board of Directors.
  8. The department shall transfer 25% of their income to TOTBİD. The TOTBİD Board of Directors may give back some or all of this share to be taken from the department income to those branches for the legitimate expenses and investments of the branches. Likewise, the branches support materially and spiritually the campaigns that TOTBİD will open and activities they are doing.
  • It will be designated as the name of the branches that “……………. Branches of Turkish Society Of Orthopedics And Traumatology (TOTBİD), Province of...................... or  district of.............”
  1. The Branches shall be represented by whole of members in the TOTBİD General Assembly.


Section 17. Association Incomes:

  • Membership fee: Annual membership fee is 100 (one hundred) TL; the General Assembly is authorized to increase or decrease the annual dues with the determination of the entrance fee.
  • Donations and aids,
  • Incomes derived from the subjects and forms of work and activities that are appropriate for the purposes and services of the association; and provided from the asset of the association,
  • Donations to be made by domestic and foreign associations and organizations and government institutions,
  • Incomes from a ball, concert or similar meeting,
  • Incomes from private hospital, clinic, outpatient clinic, school, orthosis-prosthetic workshop, rehabilitation centers and related facilities,
  • Incomes of immovable properties and works which can be sold at the decision of association
  • Incomes from economic, commercial and industrial establishments, partnerships and funds established to provide income in order to realize the objectives and services,
  • Other incomes
  • The Association shall record incomes that have no donation qualifications among the all incomes, on behalf of the economic enterprise established in its own constitution.

Section 18. The amount of money that can be held in the association's premises is determined by the board of directors considering the needs. Treasury bills can be obtained by the proposal of the Board of Directors and the resolution of the General Assembly. The TOTBİD Board of Directors determines the person or persons authorized to withdraw money from the Bank and other institutions and make the necessary payments.

Section 19. For all kinds of payments, the paying chief is one of the President or members to be appointed by the Board of directors.

Section 20. The Association may award encouragement, science and service awards to reward or to encourage researchers who have studied at the field of Orthopedics and Traumatology. The rules for these prizes are determined by specific guidelines prepared by the Board of Directors. The frequency, shape and amount of awarding are determined by the Board of Directors.

Section 21. Internal audits may be made by the general assembly, the board of directors or the auditing committee, or may be supervised by the independent audit institutions. The fact that the control was performed by the General Assembly, the Board of Directors or independent auditors does not remove the obligation of the audit board. The auditing board shall conduct the control of the assembly once a year at the latest.


Section 22. The association may borrow with the decision of the board of directors in case it is needed to carry out its purpose and activities. This borrowing may be made in the purchase of credited goods and services or in cash. However, this borrowing cannot be made in a quantity that cannot be covered by the sources of incomes of the association and also in a quantity that will fall on the payment difficulty by association. The board of directors of the association may do these works through association accounting or economic management accounting by decision that to be taken.


Section 23. The amendment of the regulation is made by the decision of the General Assembly. In order to be able to amend the regulations in the general assembly, 2/3 majority of the members who have the right to participate in the general assembly and vote are required. If the meeting is postponed due to the lack of the majority, 2/3 majority is not required in the second meeting. However, the number of members attending this meeting cannot be less than two times the total number of members of the board of directors and auditors. The majority of decisions required for amendments to the regulation are two-thirds of the votes of the members present at the meeting. In the general assembly, the amendment of the charter is made by open voting.


Section 24. According to the regulation, at least two-thirds of the members who have the right to participate in the General Assembly must be present at the meeting so that the Association General Assembly can decide to terminate the association. If this majority is not achieved at the first meeting, the issue will be discussed at the second meeting. However, the number of members attending the second meeting cannot be less than twice the number of the members of the Boards of Directors and Auditors of Association. The second meeting of this condition is concluded with the decision of two thirds of the participating members. The Termination of Association shall be notified in writing to local authority within five days by the Board of Directors.

Section 25. In case of termination or closure of the association, all remaining money, property and rights are transferred to the place determined at the general assembly. If the place to be transferred is not determined at the general assembly, it is transferred to the association that is closest to the purpose of the association and has the highest number of members on the date of termination.

Founder member list:

  • Orhan Eroğlu, MD
  • Merih Eroğlu, MD
  • Veli Lök, MD
  • Mehmet Tiner, MD
  • Kut Sarpyener, MD
  • Ziya Sezgin, MD
  • Zekai Yükselen, MD
  • Metin Soyak, MD
  • Rıdvan Ege, MD
  • Ertan Mergen, MD
  • İlker Çetin, MD
  • Zeki Korkusuz, MD
  • Orhan Girgin, MD
  • Şükrü Bayındır, MD
  • Nejat Tokgözoğlu, MD
  • Sevim Kömürcü, MD
  • Şeref Kömürcü, MD
  • Sabahattin Özberk, MD
  • Orhan Aslanoğlu, MD
  • Sungur Gültekin, MD
  • Adil Altunay, MD
  • İsa Köklü, MD
  • Muhittin Mısırlıgil, MD
  • Lemi Ocaklılar, MD
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