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Dear Colleagues,

We are very pleased to inform you that the Hellenic Spine Society has signed and agreed with the Eurospine that the Greek Educational Program is from now on equivalent to the Eurospine Diploma.

That means that any trainee that will attend the Program for the Greek Diploma will directly acquire the Eurospine Diploma, at a nominal charge.

Additionally, according to this agreement, Greek Modules are recognized as equivalent to the European Modules. Therefore, the trainee may attend some of the Modules in Greece and others in Strasburg or in any other country that has the relevant equivalence and still obtain the Eurospine Diploma. The Greek Program is the only one that is held in English, except for this in Strasburg. Thus, there is the possibility for foreigner trainees to attend.

The Greek Modules will be held twice a year, in Thessaloniki and in Athens alternately. This gives the Hellenic Spine Society the opportunity to reduce the cost of the courses enabling also younger colleagues to attend.

We are delighted that, after this agreement, we can offer to the Greek medical community the opportunity to obtain European education and recognition.

The first Module on "Basic Comprehensive Course" and the Second Module on "Degenerative Spine" will be held on 6-7th May 2018, at the Athens Medical Group Amphitheater, at 1st Kefalariou & Filadelpheos Str., Kefalari Square, Athens, Greece

Every trainee can start the training with any Module they prefer.

With best regards,


Konstantinos Vlachos                                  Ioannis Magras

The President of the                                    The Director of the Greek

Hellenic Spine Society                                 Educational Program of the Spine Society

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