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RSE «Scientific - Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics» and RSA «Kazakhstan Association of Traumatologists and Orthopaedists» invite you to take part in the III Congress of traumatologists and orthopedists of the Republic of  Kazakhstan with international participation, which will be held in Nur-Sultan (Astana) on October 3-4, 2019




1.     Provision of medical aid to patients of trauma and orthopedic profiles (organization of orthopedic and trauma care, digitalization of health care, information technology).

2.     Innovative technologies in the treatment of bones injures and joints (polytrauma, arthroscopy and implantation of joints, spondyloidosis, blocking osteosynthesis and cellular technologies).

3.     Radiodiagnosis in osteology.

4.    Actual problems of pediatric traumatology and orthopedics.

5.     Medical rehabilitation in modern conditions.

6.     Mistakes and complications in the treatment of orthopedic trauma patients.


The program of the congress includes satellite symposiums, workshops, a competition of young scientists, an exhibition of medical products.

Possible forms of participation:

·       Publication of materials

·       Presentation / publication of materials

·       Participation as a delegate




The article should be submitted to the editors by e-mail with all the illustrations to the address: ntoniito @ rambler.ru. The article should be typed in any version of MS Word text editor, A4 format, font 14, Times New Roman, 1.5 spacing, without hyphenation. Rims: Top, and bottom 2 cm, right-1cm, left - 3 cm.

Article must include the following sections: introduction, aim, materials and methods, results and discussion, conclusion and references. The volume of original articles should not exceed 8-10 pages of typed text, including references and summary. Summary, containing in a concise form the essence of the work and conclusions, in size no more than ¼ of page in size, with the names of the authors, the title of the article and keywords, are made in the Kazakh language (for authors from the RK), Russian and English (for all authors). Articles can be submitted in Kazakh, Russian and English.

At the beginning of the first page, you must specify the UDC, the name, initials and surnames of the authors, the name of the institution in which the work was performed indicating the city. At the end of the article you must specify the last name, first name, patronymic, position, college degree, academic status, contact numbers and email address for correspondence, the number of authors no more than 5.

Tables and figures should be placed in the text of the article entitled and numbered. Abbreviation of words, names, titles , except for generally accepted, is not allowed. Abbreviations must be deciphered after the first appearance in the text and left unchanged.

Articles and abstracts are accepted until 1 August, 2019. Publication of materials is free.

To participate, you should complete the registration form posted on the SRITO official website www.niito.kz  before August 1, 2019.




(7172)  54-75-32 –  Head of Research Establishment for Applied Science,  c.m.s.  Оspanov К.Т.,

E-mail: ospanov.niito@mail.ru

(7172)  54-77-17  - SRITO academic secretary,  c.m.s.  Abdrakhmanova  А.S.,

E-mail: aliya_abdr@mail.ru

(7172)  54-77-17  - SRITO leading scientific worker  ,  c.m.s.  Jaxybekova G.K.,

E-mail:  g.jaxybekova@mail.ru

Теl/fax: 8 (7172)   54-75-32,  54-76-56

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