SEPTEMBER 16-17,2010


First announcement.
Surgical Anatomy of the Upper Limb and Hand,
Cadaveric Dissection on Fresh Tissue
Dissection on fresh, non-formalin fixed hands and forearms.
September 16th – 17th, 2010
This will be hold in Copenhagen, Denmark
The course
The course is aimed to improve knowledge about hand anatomy among orthopaedic surgeons in Europe with interest or working within the field of hand surgery and residents in hand surgery.
The two days course is structured in five main sessions; fingers, palm, wrist, forearm and elbow with focus on hands-on dissections, each session will be initiated with a demonstration followed by supervised individual dissection.
Other sessions include a 40 minutes video covering the forearm and hand and a demonstration of surface anatomy.
All limbs, obtained through a structured formal donor scheme, are non-formalin fixed and fresh. The donors are tested for hepatitis and HIV.
No still or video photography is permitted during the dissection sessions
Invited speakers
Professor Marc Garcia Elias, MD, PhD, Kaplan Institute, University of Barcelona, Spain
Professor Elisabet Hagert, M.D. PhD, Hand & Foot Reconstructive Surgery Center and Dept of Molecular Medicine and Surgery, Stockholm, Sweden
Around 25 seats for participants are available with participants particularly from Europe.
Loupe glasses are recommended.

€ 800
                       € 1000

The fee, includes all course materials, all refreshments and the course dinner. You are only officially registered to the course when the fee is paid and when it is registered at the secretary. It is important that name, address, home phone and E-mail address to home and/or work are sent to the secretary.
Course languageh
Latest enrolment: Juni 15th 2010
Latest payment: July 15th 2010
12 CME-points.
 The faculty
Emeritus Professor Finn Bojsen-Møller,, Division of Biomechanics, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Professor Lars B. Dahlin,, Department of Hand Surgery, Malmö, Lund University, Sweden
Professor Jørgen Tranum-Jensen, Institute for Cellular and Molecular Medicin, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Consultant Hand Surgeon Niels H.Søe, Hand Section Herlev University Hospital, Denmark
Research Nurse Nina Vendel Jensen, Gentofte University Hospital, Denmark
(Course secretary)
Second Announcement May 2010
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